Allyn Lee Kemper, Personal Life and Net Worth


Allyn Lee Kemper is one of those people, who gained popularity in the world because of the notoriety of their family members. Today, Allyn Lee Kemper is best known for being the sister of American serial killer, Edmund Kemper.

Here, we will tell you everything about Allyn Lee Kemper including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, earnings, net worth, and other such details that have never been talked about.

Personal life

Allyn Lee Kemper was born in 1951 as the daughter of American couple Clarnell Stage and Edmund Emil Kemper II. This is all you can know about the early life of Allyn Lee Kemper because the American lady has never opened her lips regarding this matter.

The same goes for the personal life of Allyn Lee Kemper as well. Till today, she has never ever revealed any details regarding her family. Considering the fact that she is already 70 years old, we can definitely say that the lady must be a married woman today if she has found the man of her dreams in her life.

Parents and siblings

Allyn Lee Kemper is the youngest of three children of Clarnell Stage and Edmund Emil Kemper II, who did not have a smooth married life. After a few years of togetherness, they also separated and the father of Allyn Lee Kemper remarried.

Like their personal lives, nothing much is available on the professional careers of her parents either. Speaking of her siblings, Allyn Lee Kemper has two older siblings including one sister and one brother. Their names are Edmund Kemper and Susan Hughey Kemper.


With the fact that Allyn Lee Kemper has kept the details regarding her married life to herself only, it is not known to the public whether or not she has any kids.

Education and profession

It’s not just the personal life of Allyn Lee Kemper that is hidden, but her educational as well as professional background is also a complete mystery. The gorgeous lady never bothered to disclose any details regarding these two things.

Reason for the popularity of Allyn Lee Kemper

This goes without saying that the only reason for the popularity of Allyn Lee Kemper is her criminal brother, Edmund Kemper, who became a worldwide sensation after murdering his mother. Besides that, he was indulged in many other criminal activities as well.

Net worth of Allyn Lee Kemper

Since Allyn Lee Kemper has not revealed any details regarding her profession, you can’t make any assumptions about her earnings and net worth either. We just hope that she has earned good money in her life but it is not confirmed.

With the fact that she also does not show off her lifestyle on social media or the media, nothing can be assumed about how much money she has in her life.


Allyn Lee Kemper is definitely a popular name in the world right now but she doesn’t seem to enjoy popularity because she never makes public appearances. Also, she never publicizes her life details.

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