Meet Andrea Santo Pietro, George Santo Pietro’s Daughter


Andrea Santo Pietro, born in 1982, is a celebrity daughter of George Santo Pietro, an American restaurant owner and ex-husband of Vanna White. Her mother is Linda Evans, and Andrea was born when her parents were together from 1980 to 1984. Per Wikipedia, Linda was never married to George Santo Pietro.

Andrea Santo Pietro has three younger half-siblings from her father’s side; Nikko Santo Pietro, Gigi Santo Pietro, and Chiara Santo Pietro, the youngest. She seems to have kept some distance from her younger siblings, which might be due to their age difference.

Personal Life

Andrea Santo Pietro prefers to live her life away from media attention. She has not revealed information about her romantic life, and it is unclear if she is married. Besides, information on whether Andrea has children have been kept away from the internet. Andrea probably has a good relationship, but it is not the same with her mother because she never mentions her.

Education and Career

Andrea Santo Pietro’s educational details are unknown, but she probably completed her high school education. Besides, her younger siblings have studied up to college; for instance, her brother Nikko completed his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural sciences from Oregon State University. Regarding her professional career, Andrea has been secretive, but she is probably doing something to earn a living.

Her Father’s Love Life

Andrea’s father has been married at least two times. He got into a relationship with actress Linda Evans, but it ended four years later. George then went on to marry Vanna White, a television personality, in 1990; their relationship lasted 12 years, and they had two children together who are both adults now.

In 2005, Andrea Pietro’s father married film producer Melissa Mascari, and they have a daughter.

About Andrea’s Father’s Professional Career

George Santo Pietro has done many things to earn a living; he has owned a restaurant and produced films, among other things. In the 1980s, Andrea’s father owned a restaurant called Santopietro’s in Bel-Air, California; among his customers were Hollywood stars. The celebrities liked visiting the restaurant because of its good food and drinks.

Andrea’s father also took cinematography classes and later became a filmmaker. His projects include The Good Place, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Scorpion, The Fosters, and True Blood. Gorge has also worked in real estate as a developer.

George Santo Pietro has made a good fortune from his career as a businessman, real estate developer, and filmmaker, with his net worth estimated to be approximately 14 million dollars.

Social Media

Andrea Santo Pietro decided to live a private life, including staying away from social media. No accounts belonging to the celebrity child have been found on Instagram or Facebook. However, her younger siblings are active, especially on Instagram; Nikko uses his account to market and shows off his culinary skills.

Andrea’s father has a private Instagram account, and maybe he has posted a picture of his daughter Andrea, but one has to follow him to find out.


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