All About Stacy Keibler’s Daughter, Ava Grace Pobre


Ava Grace Pobre is famous thanks to her mother, Stacy Keibler, an American actress, television personality, and former wrestler. She was born on August 20, 2014, five months after her parents’ wedding. Ava Grace has two younger siblings, a brother, and a sister. Ava’s father is Jared Pobre, and as of 2013, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Future Ads.

When Ava was younger, her parents liked posting pictures of them on social media while on dates or having fun as a family. However, they have not posted anything regarding their daughter for over two years.

Early Life and Education

As the firstborn child, Ava Grace was always showered with love, and it is not that her parents have stopped loving her; they do, but she has a greater responsibility to lead her younger ones in the right way and take care of them.

Regarding her education, it is unclear whether Ava Grace is homeschooled or in one of the best schools in her neighborhood. Her parents have not mentioned anything related to her education, and it is hard to tell her level of education

Ava’s Parents’ Romantic Life

Ava’s parents met in late 2013 and started dating; the following year, they married in Mexico on March 8, 2014, and have been together since. However, Stacy had been in several relationships before; he dated Kris Cumberland for seven years. Kris introduced Ava’s mother to wrestling, and she was her fan.

While wrestling with WWE, Stacy started dating David Flair, but their affair was short-lived. Before meeting Ava’s father, she dated wrestler Andre Martin for four years, Geoff Stults, and George Clooney for two years.

Ava Grace’s Mother’s Career

Ava’s mother started modeling when she was 18, but it was part-time. In 1999 she joined World Championship Wrestling as a dancer, then worked as heel valet for Standards and Practices before becoming a professional wrestler. Stacy Keibler also worked as Vince McMahon’s personal assistant.

As a model, Ava’s mother worked with Stuff magazine, but she only wrote for them while modeling in her column, which she called Getting Fit with Stacy Keibler. On television, Stacy appeared on Dancing with the Stars, where she competed partnering with Tony Dovolani. Ava’s mother had minor roles in Pecker and Bubble Boy before getting a recurring role in What About Brian.

Ava Grace’s mother’s other projects in the acting industry include Blue Mountain State, Dysfunctional Friends, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, and In the Motherhood, among others.

Net Worth of Ava’s Parents

You can tell that Ava’s mother is wealthy, given the different careers she has done. She has a net worth of approximately 25 million dollars; she has made money through her acting career, wrestling, dancing, and cheerleading career.

Social Media

Ava Grace Pobre might be too young for social media, but not for her parents. Stacy is on Instagram; she used to post often but rarely posts anything nowadays. The same applies to Ava’s father; he liked posting pictures of his family, including Ava Grace Pobre but rarely does that.


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