Betty Claire Kalb, Personal Life and Net Worth


Betty Claire Kalb was an actress and famous celebrity spouse, who left the world decades ago. She is best known for being the wife of American stage actor Gene Barry. Betty Claire Kalb already died but her name is still alive. This is the reason today we thought to discuss her life details.

So if you are interested in that, read the article further where you will get the information about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other details about Betty Claire Kalb.

Personal life

Betty Claire Kalb was born on 12th February 1923 in New York County, New York, USA to Frederick Kalb and Frances Halpern Kalb. She was an American by nationality while nothing is known about her religious views. If you talk about the personal life of Betty Claire Kalb, she married Gene Barry, who was an actor by profession, in 1944 and the couple remained together for almost 50 years till the death of Betty Claire Kalb in 2003. On 31st January 2003, Betty Claire Kalb took her last breath at the age of 79 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Parents and siblings

Not much information is available about the parents of Betty Claire Kalb. The only confirmed thing you will get about them is their names that are Frederick Kalb and Frances Halpern Kalb. Other than that, no information is available about their profession as well as personal lives. If we talk about the siblings of Betty Claire Kalb, she had one brother and his name was Benjamin L Kalb.


You know doubt Betty Claire Kalb had a successful married life. Through her marriage, she had 3 children including 2 sons and one daughter and their names are Frederick Barry, Elizabeth Barry, and Michael Barry. They all are film stars and professionally active in the film industry only.

Education and profession

Though Betty Claire Kalb was a celebrity, she was never open about her personal life and this is the reason that her educational details are still a matter of secret to the public. If you talk about her profession, the gorgeous lady was an actress.

Reason for the popularity of Betty Claire Kalb

Betty Claire Kalb herself was an actress and this is the reason for her popularity. However, she majorly grabbed public attention because of being the wife of American legendary actor Gene Barry. In addition, the popularity of her kids also makes her popular today.

Net worth of Betty Claire Kalb

Considering the fact that Betty Claire Kalb was an actress, it won’t be wrong to estimate that she must have accumulated a good amount of money in her life. However, the outstanding lady preferred to keep the details related to her earnings to herself only. If you talk about the net worth of her actor husband, Gene Barry, who died in 2009, he had around 5 million at that time.


Betty Claire Kalb was a fortunate lady who had a perfect balance between her personal and professional life. She enjoyed success in both spheres of her life.

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