Meet Marie Osmond’s Adopted Son: Brandon Warren Blosil


Brandon Warren Blosil is the adoptive son of American actress, singer, and television personality Marie Osmond. She adopted him while married to her second husband, Brian Blosil, with whom she had two children and adopted four others besides Brandon Warren Blosil.

Brandon has seven siblings, namely Stephen, Rachael, Jessica Marie, Brianna, Matthew, Abigail Olive, and Michael Brian, who died in 2010 after committing suicide aged 18.

Age and BirthDay

Brandon Warren Blosil was born November 24, 1996; as of February 2023, he is 26 years old. His mother likes posting him on her Instagram account every November 24. She often mentions how important he is to her and how much she loves him.

Personal Life

Despite his mother being a celebrity, Brandon Warren Blosil has maintained a low profile, and a lot about his personal life is unknown. However, Brandon’s mother likes posting her children’s progress, particularly on romantic issues, and she should have published if her son is married. As per the information on the internet, he is not married, but he is probably in a romantic relationship.

Marie Osmond likes posting pictures of her grandchildren on her Instagram page, but she has yet to post children from Brandon, meaning he has none.

His Parents’ Relationship

Brian Blosil met Marie Osmond in the mid-1980s after her divorce from her first husband. They started dating, and a year later, they married in Utah. Brandon’s parents stayed married until 2007 when they called their union quits, they never mentioned the reasons for their separation, but they could not blame each other for the end of their marriage.

Brandon’s parents were married for 21 years and had seven children, two biological and five adopted. After their divorce, Brandon’s mother remarried her first husband, Stephen Lyle Craig, and they are still together. It is unclear if Brian Blosil remarried or remained single.

Brandon’s Mother’s Career

Brandon’s mother has worked in the entertainment industry as a television host, musician, and as film and television actress. Marie Osmond followed in the footsteps of her brothers, The Osmonds, and ventured into the music industry. With her mother’s persuasion, Marie recorded her first album and signed with the family’s record label. Brandon’s mother made stage performances before starting to release her music.

Brandon Warren Blosil’s mother released several songs and albums, including Paper Roses, a 1970s hit song for which she is best known. Brandon’s mother hosted a variety show on television called Donny & Marie with her brother. As an actress, she appeared in Maybe This Time, Almost Perfect, and A Fiance for Christmas.

Marie Osmond has had a great career in the entertainment industry, and it can be summed by the number of accolades she has received so far.

Social Media

Brandon Warren Blosil is not a fan of social media, but he can often be seen on his mother’s social media pages, especially on Instagram. His mother is active on Instagram and does not hesitate to post pictures of her family and mention how special they are to her.

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