Get to Know the Industrious Briar Fishman


Briar Fishman is the wife of American drummer Jon Fishman. There was no credible information on the internet when they met, but they are parents to five children Lily Millay, Ella Cynthia, Fredrick George, Rose Lorelei, and Jack Bradley. Before settling with her family in Lincolnville, they used to move around so often, and given they had kids, they decided to settle down.


Brair is a businesswoman; she works at their general store in Lincolnville, Maine, where she is full-time and does deliveries. During the COVID-19 lockdown, her business was affected, but they switched online and did door-to-door deliveries. Besides business, Briar Fishman also owns a farm where she plants blueberries, among other plants.

Briar also owns a cow on their ranch; in general, Briar Fishman is a hardworking woman who has not limited herself to one thing. While in an interview, Briar’s husband mentioned that his wife does most of the work at their farm and general store, and she was one of the ideas that they should buy a ranch.

Her Husband

Immediately after joining college, Briar Fishman’s husband, Trey Anastasio, and Mike Gordon formed the Phish band. He later dropped out of the University of Vermont, where he studied engineering and joined Goddard College. In the music group, Briar’s husband played drums, sang backup vocals, and sometimes sang as a lead vocalist.

The Phish band usually performed cover songs and was quite famous; however, in 2004, it disbanded, and Jon did not know what to do, but his wife, Briar Fishman, told him they could buy a ranch and start farming. However, the band reconstituted in 2008, and Jon returned to performing while Briar attended to their animals.

Briar’s husband and bandmates have been on several tours and concerts, with most of their events selling well. Besides Phish, Jon has also been part of other bands, including Touchpants, but he left the group. Briar’s husband was also part of the Jazz Mandolin Project; he played drums in the band Pork Tornado.

Briar Fishman’s husband also sits on the Lincolnville Board of Selectmen, and he says that his wife had been vital in his political involvement. Jon supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 and 2020 party primaries

Net Worth

Briar Fishman has made money through her general store and also sales from her fruit farm. However, the exact figure of her net worth is unknown. On the other hand, her husband has a net worth of approximately 60 million dollars, money she has made through his music career, and multiple businesses. Besides, Jon Fishman hosts a radio show and is paid something.

Despite what her husband owns, Briar Fishman has never stopped working as she is in their store to try and make more money.

Social Media Presence

Briar Fishman has no official accounts on Instagram or Twitter; she probably dedicates her time to her store and family. Additionally, even though her husband has an account on Instagram, he rarely posts, having posted just four times.

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