Christian Johannes Trump , Personal Life and Net Worth


Christian Johannes Trump himself is not a popular personality but he is known in the world mainly because he belongs to one of the most prestigious families in America. Yes, Christian Johannes Trump is popular for being a member of the Trump family. Actually, he was the great-grandfather of former US President Donald Trump.

Here, We will discuss all the details about Christian Johannes Trump including his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, children, love life, and all other such details.

Personal life

Christian Johannes Trump was born on 25th June 1829 in Kallstadt, Germany to Susanna Maria Bechtloff and Johannes Trump. The nationality of Christian Johannes Trump is not confirmed but we do believe that he was German. This is all you can get about the early life of Christian Johannes Trump.

If you talk about his personal life, he was married to Katharina Trump. Other than the name, nothing more is available about the spouse of Christian Johannes Trump as well. Christian Johannes Trump left the world a little sooner and he was around 50 years old when he died on 6 July 1877 in his birth City.

Parents and siblings

Like Christian Johannes Trump, his parents, Susanna Maria Bechtloff and Johannes Trump have also maintained complete privacy regarding their personal life. How many kids exactly they had is not known. There is a mention of only Christian Johannes Trump. Given this fact, we can’t really say whether or not Christian Johannes Trump had siblings. Speaking of the professions of his parents, let us tell you it is also a complete mystery to the public as well.


How was the married life of Christian Johannes Trump and how many kids exactly he had is still a matter of secret to the public. According to the information available on the Internet, Christian Johannes Trump had one child and his name was Frederick Trump, who was the grandfather of American former President Donald Trump.

Education and profession

Considering the fact that no information is available on the education as well as the profession of Christian Johannes Trump, nothing can be said about these two things.

Reason for the popularity of Christian Johannes Trump

Being a member of the Trump family is itself a big reason to become popular in the world. Since Donald Trump became the President of the US, each and every member of this family never fails to grab public attention and become popular.

Net worth of Christian Johannes Trump

Considering the fact that no information is available on the profession of Christian Johannes Trump, it is pretty obvious that you won’t be able to find out any information about his net worth as well. Since we are not aware of the lifestyle of Christian Johannes Trump either, we can’t make any assumption regarding his earnings and net worth.


When Christian Johannes Trump was alive, he probably did not have any idea that one day his great-grandchild would end up becoming the President of the US.





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