David Zinnemann, Personal Life and Net Worth


David Zinnemann is a celebrity son from America, who lives a completely private life, unlike his popular parents, Tim Zinnemann and Meg Tilly, who both are active in the film industry and they are actually the main reason for the popularity of David Zinnemann.

Today, we will talk about early life, family, siblings, education, net worth, love life, children, profession, and other such details of David Zinnemann.

Personal life

David Zinnemann was born in 1986 in the USA to an American father and American Canadian mother, Tim Zinnemann and Meg Tilly. The nationality of David Zinnemann is not confirmed but we do believe that he would also be an American like his father.

If you are curious to know about the love life of David Zinnemann, let us burst your bubble and tell you the truth that no information is available about that. Considering the fact that David Zinnemann is already 37 years old, it won’t be wrong to say that he must have a lady in his life. He is just hiding his personal life details from the public.

Parents and siblings

David Zinnemann is one of two children and the only son of his parents Tim Zinnemann and Meg Tilly, who could not enjoy a very long and happy married life. They got married in 1983 and just within 6 years they decided to part ways. Given the fact, the parents of David Zinnemann separated in 1989. However, the professional life of either of them has been really successful, unlike their personal life.

The father of David Zinnemann is a renowned film producer, while his mother has gained good success as an actress as well as a writer. If we talk about siblings of David Zinnemann, he has one older sister and her name is Emily Zinnemann, who is 39 years old.


Owing to the fact that no information is available on the personal life of David Zinnemann, it is not known whether or not he has become a father in his life.

Education and profession

Like the personal life details of David Zinnemann, he has kept the details related to his education and profession completely secret. Given the fact, you will not get any confirmed confirmation on the education as well as the profession of David Zinnemann.

Reason for the popularity of David Zinnemann

You already know that the only reason for the popularity of David Zinnemann is his parents, Tim Zinnemann and Meg Tilly, both are quite successful in their respective professions.

Net worth of David Zinnemann

With the fact that David Zinnemann has not revealed any information on his profession, how would you be able to find out his earnings and net worth? Yes, the net worth of David Zinnemann remains a complete secret only. If you talk about the net worth of his celebrity father, he is estimated to have around 5 million right now.


Being a celebrity child and maintaining such a private life is not actually an easy thing but David Zinnemann has done it flawlessly.

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