Learn of Duangpatra Bodiratnangkura’s Exciting Love Story


Duangpatra Bodiratnangkura is a real estate developer and wife of Evan Lysacek, a retired American figure skater. Her date of birth is unknown, but she is probably in her late 30s. Duangpatra and her husband are yet to be blessed with children but are deeply in love. Education and Career

Duangpatra Bodiratnangkura studied up to college in her native country before moving to the United States to pursue a career in real estate. Duangpatra has bought and sold properties in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air as a real estate developer.

How She Met Her Husband

Duangpatra and Evan met through a friend in 2009; the friend was coming to Thailand from Los Angeles when he met Duangpatra. He told Evan that he had met his future wife upon arriving in Thailand. Weeks later, they were introduced to each other and had dinner at an Italian restaurant. They liked each other at first sight, but their love story was not an easy journey.

The couple started talking, but things were not always good between them because of the nature of their work and distance. One time, Evan was going through a lot; he had lost friends and family to diseases like cancer, the most recent being his friend dying in a car accident. Evan realized life was too short and thought it was time to be close to his loved ones. He called Duangpatra since she was always in his mind and set up a date.

Evan went to Duangpatra’s home for dinner, he met her parents, and they loved and talked. After dinner, Duangpatra texted Evan and asked if their relationship would work, and he said years. They met two years before their marriage again and rekindled their love story. Duangpatra and Evan exchanged their wedding vows in a beautiful ceremony in Thailand.

Her Husband

Duangpatra’s husband is multitalented; he started skating when he was eight, something he later fell in love with and pursued as a career. Evan won his first title in 1996, participating in Junior Olympics. Over his skating career, Evan has won several titles at both the junior level and as a senior skater, with his most significant win being the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Later in life, Evan started involving himself with real estate and has worked in New York City on several properties. As of 2015, Duangpatra’s husband worked for costume designer Vera Wang.

Social Media and Net Worth

Duangpatra Bodiratnangkura is not a fan of social media and has no active accounts on Instagram or Twitter. She is probably focusing on her work and spending time with her husband. However, her husband has a private handle on Instagram. Evan is also active on Twitter.

Regarding her net worth, Duangpatra has made a fortune through her work as a real estate developer. Though she has not attached numerical value to her wealth, she owns several properties. She is living a lavish life, given her husband has also made good money, with his net worth estimated at 4 million dollars.

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