The Inspiring Story of Elder Debra Brown Morton


Elder Debra Brown Morton is the mother of the Grammy Award-winning singer PJ Morton. Her husband is Paul S. Morton, a Generation Full Gospel Church pastor in Atlanta, Georgia. The two got married in December 1977, a few months after Paul had been installed as the senior pastor in their church.

Personal Life

Elder Debra Brown Morton grew up in church; her mother, a senior pastor in their church, greatly impacted her while growing up. She met her husband in church, and they tied the knot. They have been together for over forty years and have three children, PJ Morton, Christian, and Jasmine.

Elder Debra Brown Morton is a grandmother of at least five young ones through her sons and daughter.

Education and Career

Elder Debra Brown Morton is educated; she has studied up to the college level. After college, she started her career as an author and entrepreneur. Debra has written several books as an author. As a business lady, she owns some businesses, including a perfume line. Debra Brown also hosted a radio show called Morning Coffee.

For her diversity and combining it with religion, she has received some accolades, including a James Cleveland Award, and she was also nominated for a Stellar Award.

Her Ministerial Work  

Elder Debra Brown Morton has been working hand in hand with her husband to preach to people. She has been very influential in issues dealing with women; she even started a home for troubled girls. Debra nurtures and teaches women worldwide to live according to God’s will.

Elder Debra is also the general overseer of the women’s division in her church. She also founded Greater Women Ministry and has held motivational conferences for a long time. Debra Brown Morton got the distinction of elder years back when she was appointed to the position for her great ministerial work. She is the first female elder in her church.

Her Son

Elder Debra’s son started his music career after high school, but he became famous in the 2010s when he released several songs and albums which have been successful. In his music career, he worked as the keyboardist of the band Maroon 5. PJ has also recorded some songs and albums as a solo artist, including Only One.

In her personal life, Debra’s son is married to Kortni Morton, with whom he has three beautiful children.

What is Her Net Worth

Elder Debra Brown Morton has made a lot of wealth through her various businesses and the books she has written. Despite the much or little she has made, Elder Debra uses her wealth to spread the word of God and help troubled women and girls.

Social Media

Elder Debra Brown Morton is active on social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram. She often shares encouraging messages on her accounts. She also posted a zoom link on her

Instagram bio with which you can join her for a prayer session every Monday from 6 pm to 6:15 pm.

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