All About Cassie’s Daughter: Frankie Stone Fine


When Frankie Stone Fine was born on December 6, 2019, her mother, American musician Cassie, took to her Instagram to share the good news with her fans. Frankie has one younger sibling, a sister named Sunny Cinco Fine, born in March 2021.

Frankie Stone Fine is deeply loved by her parents; in one of her mother’s posts, she mentioned that her two daughters, including Frankie, are the most important in her life. On the other hand, when Frankie was born, her father said he would show her the greatest love and affection.

Her Parents Romantic Life

Before meeting Alex Fine, Frankie’s mother was in a relationship with American rapper Sean Combs. They dated since 2007 before separating in 2018; during their time together, they had no children. After breaking up with Sean, Frankie Stone’s mother met Alex Fine, her trainer, in 2018, and they started dating.

In 2019, the two lovers got engaged, marrying each other two weeks later, on August 28, 2019. Alex Fine would not hide his joy as he posted wedding pictures on his Instagram account. Alex and Cassie have been together since 2019, and their love for each other keeps growing daily, and they are blessed with two daughters.

Frankie’s Mother

Frankie’s mother started modeling when she was 14; two years later, she was modeling for magazines, department stores, and fashion catalogs. Cassie also appeared in music videos, including Just a Friend, a song by Mario. After completing high school, Frankie’s mother relocated to New York City to continue modeling and pursue an acting career.

Cassie did modeling gigs before singer Ryan Leslie spotted her; they wrote a song together, and he helped her sign a deal with Tommy Mottola. Ryan played a significant role in Cassie’s first album and single; he helped her write and produce them. Frankie’s mother collaborated with several artists in her second album, including Danja, Akon, and The Neptunes.

In the late 2000s, Frankie’s mother started acting, making her debut in the film Step Up 2: The Streets. Cassie’s other acting projects include Empire, Spenser Confidential, and The Perfect Match.

Frankie’s mother has achieved success as a singer judging from the accolades she has received. But she has also done well as an actor, model, and dancer. Cassie is a top pop singer and is greatly admired by her fans.

Net Worth of Her Parents

Frankie Stone Fine’s mother has a net worth of approximately 8 million dollars. Cassie has made her wealth through acting, modeling, and her successful music career. Frankie’s father has also made some money working as a personal trainer for several celebrities, including Sean Combs. Due to what her parents have made, Frankie has it easy with whatever she needs.

Her Parents’ Social Media Presence

Frankie Stone’s parents are on social media platforms, and they can resist posting pictures of their beautiful daughters. Cassie and Alex are active on social media, particularly Instagram. Frankie’s father often publishes photos and videos of his daughters, saying how lucky he is to be their father and how much he loves them.

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