Franquito Sparanero, Personal Life and Net Worth


Franquito Sparanero is a celebrity child, who is best known for being the son of Italian actor, Franco Nero. Unlike his father, he is not much active in the glamor world and doesn’t prefer to be in the limelight of the media as well. However, today we tried to find out all the life details about Franquito Sparanero.

So, here dig deep into the details and find out all about Franquito Sparanero including his childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, earnings, love life, children, age, net worth, and other such details.

Personal life

Franquito Sparanero was born in 1987 as the darling son of Franco Nero and Mauricia Mena. We hope Franquito Sparanero also holds Italian nationality like his parents and follows the same religious views.

If you talk about the personal life of Franquito Sparanero, nothing much is known about that either. With the fact that Franquito Sparanero is 36 years old today, it can be said that he might be a married man. However, Franquito Sparanero himself has not confirmed this.

Parents and siblings

Franquito Sparanero is the only child of his parents, Franco Nero and Mauricia Mena, who probably never got married. It was a casual relationship between them. If you talk about their professions, the father of Franquito Sparanero is a famous Italian actor, while the mother of Franquito Sparanero has not disclosed any details regarding her profession.

As for the siblings of Franquito Sparanero, he does not have any. However, he has a one step-brother from his father and his name is Carlo Gabriel Nero.


With the fact that Franquito Sparanero has not revealed any details regarding his personal life, it can’t be said whether he has become a father yet or not.

Education and profession

Here again, you will hardly find any confirmed information because the parents of Franquito Sparanero never bothered to disclose any details regarding his educational background. However, with the fact that he is a celebrity son, it does not come as a surprise that he must have received a good education in his life. Like educational details, the profession of Franquito Sparanero is also a mystery to the public.

Reason for the popularity of Franquito Sparanero

Needless to mention that the only reason for the popularity of Franquito Sparanero is his father, Franco Nero, who is a big name in the Italian Film industry and has already accomplished huge accolades and success.

Net worth of Franquito Sparanero

Since Franquito Sparanero has not revealed any details regarding his profession and earning, how can you find out his net worth? Yes, the net worth of Franquito Sparanero is not known to the public.

If you talk about the net worth of his actor father, he is estimated to have around 10 million at the moment, which he has solely churned out through his acting career.


Being a celebrity child, Franquito Sparanero gets the attention of the media and the public for no reason. However, he himself doesn’t seem to be much interested in that because he never publicizes his life.


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