What Happened to Dolly Parton’s Sister, Freida Estelle Parton


The public knows Freida Estelle Parton thanks to her older sister Dolly Parton, an American country music singer. She was born on June 1, 1957, as the lastborn in a family of 12 children, six boys, and six girls. Her parents were Avie Lee and Robert Lee Parton Sr. They lived in poverty, given the large size of the family. Her father often did several jobs to provide for his large family.

Frieda’s mother also did everything to raise her children correctly. She inspired all our children, especially her daughter Dolly Parton. Freida’s mother was often in poor health, but she would light up the family despite their poverty. She died of cancer when she was 80; however, her spirit lives on in her children.

Personal Life

Regarding her personal life, Freida Estelle Parton has been married and divorced three times. However, she has kept a low profile, and it is unclear who she is married to or if she is single. Her three marriages resulted in one daughter named Jada. Freida was also romantically involved with women and dated a lady named Ashley Daffin.

Freida fell and hurt her back, negatively impacting her music career, and she ended up doing drugs.


Freida Estelle Parton followed in her siblings’ footsteps, who are musicians, including Stella, Dolly, Rachael, and Randy. She started making music in the 1980s; she signed a deal with Bearsville Records and began recording an album. The album was released but never reached the magnitude she watched it to attain.

Freida was disappointed with the album, and adding to a fall she suffered in 1981 made things worse; she became frustrated. But later, after some recovery, she started performing with her sister Stella. Her back problem reoccurred, affecting her music career, and she stopped recording or performing music.

Controversies Surrounding Freida

While dating Ashley Daffin, there was some public outcry. Her attorney girlfriend used her powers to steal from her family’s inheritance. She used the money she stole to enjoy herself with her girlfriend, Freida. After a court hearing, Ashley was found guilty and asked to refund the stolen money.

When the issue occurred, Freida was still performing with her sister Stella which negatively affected her public image.

Her Sister

Dolly Parton is an icon in the music industry; she has been recording, performing, and releasing music for over fifty years. She has been nominated for 50 Grammy Awards, winning eleven of them. Freida’s sister has also won other country music awards. Besides, Dolly is a business lady who has made a lot of wealth through business and music.

Dolly’s music has inspired many people who listen to it, even when she is not in the music industry.

Where is Freida Estelle Parton Now?

Freida has kept a low profile for a while; since she disappeared from the music scene, she has not made a return. She is probably spending time with her family and grandchildren, if she has a few, through her daughter Jada.

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