Everything You Need to Know About Georgeann Crewe


Georgeann Crewe is the ex-partner of Ricky Nelson. The two met in May 1980 in New Jersey at Playboy Resort; Georgeann and Ricky liked each other, and after some time, they started dating. They became intimate, and Georgeann became pregnant; when she realized she was pregnant, she tried to contact Ricky Nelson, but he did not receive her calls.

Georgeann Crewe and Ricky Nelson separated. After several months, she gave birth to Eric Jude Crewe, but Ricky did not want anything to do with the child. Eric did not have a close relationship with his father. At some point, Ricky agreed to take care of his son, and she gave Georgeann Crewe 400 dollars a month. However, he excluded him in his final will.

Personal Life

It is unclear if Georgeann Crewe married after Ricky said he did not want anything to do with her. She has kept a low profile and has not revealed details of her personal life, including if she has any children.

Her Ex-Partner’s Romantic Life

Ricky Nelson was involved with several women throughout his life. He met actress Marianne Gaba when he was 17; they liked each other and loved making out for hours. A year later, Georgeann’s ex-partner met Lorrie Collins, who was 15, they fell in love and even considered marriage, but their parents were against the idea.

Georgeann’s former partner then met Kristin Harmon, and they started dating; their parents approved of the relationship, and two years later, they were husband and wife. During their time together, they had four children; however, their marriage faced some ups and downs. Kristin wanted Ricky to stop performing music and spend more time with the family, but he was against their idea. They divorced in 1982.

During the time Ricky Nelson met Georgeann Crewe is when he was having issues with Kristin, and he was not happy. Ricky dated Helen Blair until they died in 1985.

Ricky’s Music and Acting Career

Georgeann’s ex-partner started his music career at 17. Most of the songs he recorded made it to the Billboard Hot 100. As an actor, Ricky began appearing on the television show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet with his family when he was eight. Georgeann’s ex-partner appeared in several other television shows and films, including The Streets of San Francisco, Love and Kisses, and The Story of Three Loves.

Death of Georgeann’s Ex-Partner

Ricky Nelson had left Guntersville on December 31, 1985, with his bandmates for Dallas when they died. Georgeann’s ex-partner and his bandmates had already performed at Orlando and Guntersville. When their plane was in the air, it had mechanical issues; a fire had started in one of the cabins, and the pilot was trying to land when the aircraft fell on trees and electric wires.

All the passengers died, including Ricky Nelson. However, the pilot and co-pilot survived. The aircraft they were using had mechanical issues, which Ricky ignored. On one occasion, it had failed to start, and they had to push it; maybe if Georgeann’s ex-partner had been keen, he would still be alive.


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