Everything About A.J Hawk’s Son, Hendrix Knight Hawk


Hendrix Knight Hawk is one of the four children of former football linebacker and sports analyst A.J Hawk. He was born in 2013, but his parents have not revealed the exact date of birth. Hendrix’s mother is called Laura Quinn, an interior designer. He is not the only one; he has three siblings; his older sister is Lennon Noel Hawk, and the other two are younger than him.


Hendrix Knight Hawk, his father’s lookalike, is in primary school, but his parents have been secretive about the school’s name. But given Hawk’s financial status, Hendrix must study in a good Ohio school.

Hendrix’s Parents’ Relationship

Hendrix’s parents met in 2004 while in college through a mutual friend. However, the two were not studying at the same institution; Laura was pursuing a degree in broadcasting at California State University, while A. J Hawk was studying at Ohio State University. After the meeting, they became friends and were in constant communication.

Laura and Hawk became fond of each other; Hendrix’s mother would show up at games Hawk played and cheer him up. One time Laura got herself in a challenging situation; her brother Brady was playing against her boyfriend, and she had to cheer them both. She wore a half Notre Dame and half Ohio jersey to show support for both.

After completing their college degree, the lovers decided to take their relationship to the next level; they wedded in 2007 and are now parents to four beautiful children.

About His Parents’ Careers

As mentioned, Hendrix’s mother is an interior designer; she grew up in a family that was into business, and she thought of continuing with the family’s legacy and tradition. She owns an interior design and works in over five US states.

On the other hand, Hendrix’s father played football while in college at Ohio State University, after which Green Bay Packers drafted him in 2006. He played in the NFL for 11 seasons and had a successful career. Besides, Hendrix’s father has had his podcast and works as a sports analyst while trying to spend time with his kids.

How Wealthy Is Hendrix’s Father?

Given his father’s net worth, Hendrix Knight Hawk is living a good life. Hawk made his wealth through his football career in NFL for 11 years. He has also worked as a sports analyst, and his salary contributes to his net worth, estimated at 30 million dollars.

Social Media Presence

Hendrix Knight Hawk’s parents have kept the personal lives of their kids away from the media, including social media. The last time A.J. Hawk posted a picture of Hendrix and his siblings, they were all in their Halloween costumes, so one could not see their faces. It is the life Hawk has decided to choose for his children, which is a good thing; besides, they should live without public meddling.

Regardless, Hendrx’s father is active on Instagram and Twitter and enjoys a considerable following. However, most of his posts are sport-related.

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