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Interior designer Jennifer Miles Lockhart works in New York. Due to her romantic relationship with stage and film actor Calvin Lockhart, she became well known and attracted a lot of attention. After meeting, Jennifer fell in love with Calvin Lockhart. In 1979, the two fell in love.


Jennifer Miles-Lockhart is an interior designer by profession from New York.

Married Life

After 25 years, Jennifer Miles and Calvin Lockhart were legally wed in 2006. Jennifer Miles’ son Julien was permitted to accompany her down the aisle. Leslie Cooper was the name of the additional child born to Jennifer and Calvin. 2009 saw Leslie’s passing.

Lockhart’s Partner

Interior designer Jennifer Miles Lockhart is best known as the late Bahamian American stage and screen actor Calvin Lockhart’s wife. Calvin Lockhart, Jennifer’s adored husband, is arguably best remembered for his performances as Biggie Smalls in the 1975 Warner Bros. movie and Reverend Deke O’Malley in the 1970 movie Cotton Comes to Harlem.
Actor Calvin Lockhart, sometimes known as Bert McClossy Cooper, was born in America. Nassau, Bahamas, the place where he was born on October 18, 1934. Calvin graduated from the Cooper Union School of Engineering with a degree in engineering. He stopped studying to focus on his acting profession.
In 1960, The Cool World, a drama, served as his screen debut. Calvin has had appearances in a few British television movies, including Salt and Pepper and A Dandy in Aspic. Once he played a significant role in the 1968 film Joanna, the public began to take notice of him. He played the key role in Halls of Rage in 1970.
Yet it was after starring in the 1974 horror film The Beast Must Die that Calvin Lockhart became well-known. He has, however, also appeared in the soap drama Dynasty, where he portrayed Jonathan Lake.
The Mercenaries, Only When I Larf, Nobody Runs Forever, The Beast Must Die, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Twin Peaks: The Lost Pieces, Let’s Do It Again, and other significant works are only a few of his best.

The Son Who Survived

The eldest child of Calvin Lockhart and his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Miles is Julien Lockhart Miles. This was the fourth marriage for Julien Lockhart Miles’ father, who was married four times overall. In 1979, his father wed Julien Lockhart Miles’ mother; Julien Lockhart Miles was born to them in 1981.
Julien Lockhart Miles has worked on several independent films. He is said to be a hip-hop performer who occasionally appears at different locations. The Hip Hop Film Festival NYC was founded by Julien and his partner CR to highlight independent filmmakers who can create films that fit the story of the Hip Hop generation. Julien is also planning an online TV programme.

Calvin’s Demise

In addition to his son Julien and third wife Jennifer, Calvin is also survived by his other son Michael Cooper, daughter Shari, mother Minerva Cooper, three brothers (Carney, Eric, and Phillip Cooper), two sisters (Delores Bain and Melba Styles), and his mother Minerva Cooper. Calvin passed away in 2007 at a hospital in Nassau, Bahamas, from complications related to a stroke.


Jennifer is a devoted wife who stood by her husband till his passing.

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