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Josh Cash Gatlin is known thanks to his father, Larry Gatlin, an American country music singer. His mother is Janis Gatlin, and he has one sibling, a sister named Kristin Gatlin Spencer. Josh and his family are very close and often spend Christmas together, as it has been a family tradition.

Personal Life

Talking of his love life, Josh Cash Gatlin is married, and his wife is known as Katie. He has three children and was seen once at an event with one of his children, Cash Gatlin. The others are Royal McGuire Gatlin and a younger one whose name has not been mentioned. Josh is also an uncle to his two nieces, Parker and Campbell.

Education and Career

Josh Cash Gatlin is educated; after completing his high school education, he moved to college, attending Belmont University. After college, he pursued the music business since he had a passion for music since he was a young child. Josh Cash grew up watching his father perform music on the big stages and fell in love with music. After completing his music course, he pursued a career in the same.

In the music industry, Josh Gatlin works as a producer and songwriter. He has been working with his father’s band becoming their manager in 2009. He also wrote the album, The Way I See It, which was positively acclaimed.

About His Father

Josh Gatlin’s father loved music from an early age; he used to perform at his local church with his younger brothers. His sister would sometimes join them. After completing his college studies, he joined a gospel band, which he performed with for some time before meeting Dottie West, who introduced him to country music.

Larry wrote some songs which impressed Dottie West, and she helped him relocate to Nashville, Tennessee, where he established himself in the country music scene and started recording music on his own. Though Larry’s early music failed to peak on the Billboard charts, he did not give up. His album and song released in 1974 did well as the song was among the top 20 country songs.

Josh’s father had a great music career, but it was even better when he started performing with his brothers and forming the Gatlin Brothers band. Larry toured many places with the band and performed at many events. Besides, he has received several band member and solo artist accolades.

Net Worth

Josh Cash Gatlin has made wealth through his music career as a songwriter and producer. He uses what he earns from the music business to meet his wife’s and three children’s needs. Josh must have made some good money, but his exact net worth is unknown. On the other hand, Josh’s father has a net worth of 10 million dollars, which he has made through his successful music career.

Social Media

Josh Cash Catlin is not active on social media platforms, but you will find his pictures on the internet. His mother likes posting pictures of his children and grandchildren, particularly on Instagram, where she is more active. Her handle is @janisgatlin

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