Krystle McCoy, Personal Life and Net Worth


Krystle McCoy is a celebrity spouse, best known for being the wife of American former footballer Ted Ginn Jr. The husband of Krystle McCoy has already grabbed huge media attention and become a matter of talk. Today let’s put him aside and talk about Krystle McCoy herself.

Here, We will discuss all the life details of Krystle McCoy including early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details.

Personal life

Considering the fact that the main reason for the popularity of Krystle McCoy is her spouse, not at all any information is available about our life. Be it the names of her parents or her birth details, everything is a secret to the public.

So, coming to the personal life of Krystle McCoy that is the reason for her popularity, she got married to American footballer Ted Ginn Jr in 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The couple has been together since then and enjoying the wonderful days of their life. Before their wedding, they dated for almost 13 years.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the family background of Krystle McCoy remains an absolute secret to the public. This is the reason that you are unlikely to get any confirmed information on the parents as well as siblings of Krystle McCoy.


The successful married life of Krystle McCoy has given her the pleasure of being a mother. She is the mother of twins and their names are Krysten Lee Ginn and Theodore Ginn III. When her kids were born is not exactly known. ¬†Given this fact, you can’t really estimate how old they are at the moment.

Education and profession

If you talk about the education of Krystle McCoy, here again, you will not get any confirmed information because Krystle McCoy preferred to keep the details regarding her education to herself only. Not just that, but she has not revealed any information regarding her profession as well. However, considering the fact that she is the wife of such a big celebrity, we hope that she will be professionally active.

Reason for the popularity of Krystle McCoy

As you might expect, the only reason for the popularity of Krystle McCoy is her husband, Ted Ginn Jr, who holds a successful gaming career in football. Krystle McCoy is a family woman and is often spotted with her husband and kids.

Net worth of Krystle McCoy

Considering the fact that no information is available on the profession of Krystle McCoying, anything confirmed about her earnings and net worth is not really possible. However, being a celebrity wife, Krystle McCoy definitely enjoys a luxurious life. As of 2023, her husband has an estimated net worth of around 13 million, which he has churned out through his gaming career.


Though Krystle McCoy herself is not a celebrity, she got the attention of the media mainly because of her husband Ted Ginn Jr

who is a popular personality. The couple shares a very good bond and enjoys their life to the best.


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