Mike McGlafin’s Wife, Children, Career, and Net Worth


Mike McGlafin became famous when he married actress Brooklyn Sudano. However, they had been dating for a long time before making their relationship official on October 8, 2006. Close friends and family members, including Bruce Sudano and Donna Summer, both songwriters, attended the wedding.

Mike’s father-in-law was inspired by their love story and wrote the song; It’s Her Wedding Day. Mike and her wife, Brooklyn, have been together for more than sixteen years, and they had one daughter; however, little is known about their daughter as they have tried to keep her away from the public eye.

Education and Career

Given what Mike McGlafin does to earn a living, he must have been through all levels of education and earned a degree. However, he has not made it public which high school or University he attended.

Professionally, Mike McGlafin is a Luxury Goods designer. However, he has not revealed much information about where he works. Mike also owns a clothing and shoe line, and it helps him make extra money for his family.

Mike McGlafin’s Wife

Having grown up in a family of singers and songwriters, Brooklyn Sudano was destined to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. However, she took a different direction from her parents as she chose to pursue an acting career in contrast to her parents’ singing career. When Mike’s wife was young, she accompanied her mother on music tours or events.

On joining college, Brooklyn Sudano was more interested in acting, and she dropped out of Vanderbilt University and joined Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute to learn about acting. Mike’s wife signed with Ford Modeling Agency and worked for them in several advertising campaigns.

Brooklyn started acting in 2003 when she appeared in My Wife and Kids as Vanessa Scott. She appeared on the show up to 2008 as a regular actor. Mike’s wife had a starring role in the film Rain which was based on V.C. Andrew’s novel with the same title. In 2010, Brooklyn portrayed Mikaela in Turn the Beat Around.

In her acting career, Mike’s wife has had more television roles than film ones. She appeared in season 1 of Taken; as of 2023, Brooklyn is starring in the thriller series Cruel Summer as Angela. Hopefully, she will land more acting roles in the future.

Net Worth

Mike McGlafin has built his net worth through various businesses, including his shop for shoes and clothes. Besides, he is a designer, and given his wife’s popularity, he probably gets more contracts and opportunities. Nevertheless, Mike’s net worth is unknown, but his wife has a net worth of 2 million dollars which she has earned through her career in the acting industry.

Social Media

Mike McGlafin has accounts on Twitter and Instagram but rarely posts. For instance, he joined Twitter in 2015 and has never tweeted. On Instagram, he has posted only one, but you can find a link to his online shop and communicate with him through email. On the other hand, Mike’s wife posts on Instagram more often than her husband.

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