Learn of Jean’s Acts of Leadership in Oat Season 4


Oat Season 4 is something fans of the anime series waited for, for a long time. It starts with an entry of new characters, and some characters are required to take on new roles. In Oat Season 4, Jean finds himself in a precarious situation and has to accept being part of the Survey Corps. After thinking of the issue and knowing it comes with a lot of commitment and sacrifices, Jean takes the new role.

Jean’s Leadership, Role, and Missions in Oat Season 4

Despite coming into the military group inexperienced, Jean takes a role in Survey Corps. As the leader of Survey Corps, Jean has to make tough decisions that might have worse consequences. In Oat Season 4, Jean comes out as a leader who does not fear speaking his mind and, despite the lack of leadership skills and power, does his part.

In Oat Season 4, Jean embarks on several missions, including fighting for Wall Maria. Among his first missions was to fight for control of the city of Shiganshina; despite the toughness of the task, he managed to lead Survey Corps in regaining control of the town. During the mission, Jean showed bravery and readiness to act in whatever circumstances while putting his life in danger.

Another mission Jean embarks on in Oat Season 4 is to work with other Survey Corps and Eren to retake Wall Maria. The enemies there were facing were more robust and had better defenses. Jean help in cover Survey Corps as they try to retake Wall Maria. Additionally, Jean was tasked to help with helping travelers on their journey, where they encountered a lot of attacks.

Jean’s other mission in Oat Season 4 is when he is tasked with finding some shifters, among which it was a girl he lets go. It is a tough decision, but it earns him respect among his fellow Survey Corps.

Effect of Marco’s Death on Jean

After Marco dies, Jean is ready to go to extraordinary lengths to protect the people he loves. After the chaos and destruction, Jean realizes that killing Gabi Braun won’t be a solution. In Oat Season 4, Jean demonstrated leadership, and his character grew over time, and most of his fans fell in love with his growth.

Marco’s Death always motivated Jean in Oat Season 4, but it made him an inspirational character and leader.

Does Jean End Up With his Love Interest in Oat Season 4?

From the start of the anime series, Jean had always had a crush on Mikasa. However, her feelings towards her were never appreciated or considered because Mikasa had her eyes on Eren. It was tough for Jean to see Mikasa with Eren, but he still loved her. Regardless in Oat Season 4, it is unclear if Jean married Mikasa, but they are speculations that they did end up together.

However, Oat Season 4 was full of chaos and destruction, and finding love in such a place is hard. Additionally, Jean was always on missions to ensure his people were okay.


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