The Heartbreaking Story of Ona Fountaine White


Ona Fountaine White was one of the thirteen children of American mountain dancer D. Ray White who died aged 58 trying to protect his son. She was born in 1971 to the dancer and his wife, Bertie Mae White. Among her 12 siblings, her brother Jesco White is the most known, given he is a dancer famously known as the Dancing Outlaw.

Personal Life

Ona Fountaine White was born on August 15, 1951. After coming of age, she married Clyde R. Davis, and they had two children together, Anna Mae Davis and Danny Ray Davis. However, they had differences and separated; she had not remarried at her death.

The Shooting Incident That Led to Ona’s Father’s Death

Ona’s two brothers, Dorsey and Jesco White argued with Steve Allen Rowe days before the shooting incident that led to their father’s death. On July 2, 1985, Steve Allen went to D. Ray White’s home, and as they were talking, they got into a heated argument that led to Steve pulling out his gun. He shot Ona’s father in the chest, Dorsey in the eye, and Jesco in the neck.

Jesco and Dorsey white were rushed to the hospital, where their injuries were nursed, but Ona’s father died minutes later.

Ona’s Brother

Ona Fountaine White’s brother started dancing in the 1980s, trying to emulate his father. Soon after his father’s death, he inherited his shoes which he used to wear while dancing. His dancing has been challenging, given his drug addictions, poverty, alcoholism, and mental health issues.

Many documentaries have been filmed featuring Jesco’s life and his family. In the documentary, The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, Ona’s brother was portrayed as a drug addict, which he said was false because he had not used drugs in a very long time.

A week later, Jesco was arrested and charged with a drug-related crime; however, no sufficient evidence was provided in court, and he was let free. Ona’s brother was unhappy with the arrest and felt embarrassed since he was a changed person. Jesco has a voice role in Grand Theft Auto V.

Her Murder

Ona Fountaine White was killed by her ex-husband Clyde R. Davis on May 27, 1971. Ona had just divorced Clyde, but that decision did not sit right with him. He wanted them to get back together, so he went to the club where Ona Fountaine worked as a stripper and told her they had to talk. Ona, in return, told Clyde that she had nothing to discuss with him and that their marriage was over and he should move on.

Clyde Davis was furious at her response; he went to the restroom and returned, pointing the gun at Ona Fountaine White, he shot her multiple times, and she died on the spot. When Ona’s ex-husband was asked why he killed her, he said that if he couldn’t have her, no one else should. Ona died aged 19, and her daughter Anna Mae was one year old.


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