Pascale Jackson-Cohen, Personal Life and Net Worth


Pascale Jackson-Cohen is a successful English jewelry designer but she is best known to the world as the sister of English actor and model Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Apart from the brother of Pascale Jackson-Cohen, her mother is also a renowned personality. Want to know more about her?

Well, read the article further and you will get all the information about Pascale Jackson-Cohen including her parents, siblings, education, profession, early life, birth details, children, love life, profession, net worth, earnings, and things like that.

Personal life

With the fact that Pascale Jackson-Cohen actually grabbed public attention as a celebrity sister, nothing much is known about her own early life. The only confirmed thing about her basic details is the names of her parents that are David Cohen and Betty Jackson. As for nationality, Pascale Jackson-Cohen is British.

If you talk about the personal life of Pascale Jackson-Cohen, the gorgeous lady has not taken the curtains off her love life. Considering the age of Pascale Jackson-Cohen who might be in her late 20s, we hope that she must be in a romantic relationship. However, the stunning lady has preferred to keep the details to herself only.

Parents and siblings

Pascale Jackson-Cohen is one of two children of her parents, David Cohen and Betty Jackson, who led successful lives professionally as well as personally. The mother of Pascale Jackson-Cohen is a renowned fashion designer and she had also founded a company named Betty Jackson Ltd along with her husband. Given the fact, the father of Pascale Jackson-Cohen was a businessman.

If we talk about the siblings of Pascale Jackson-Cohen, you already know that the name of her brother is Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who is a famous actor and model in the British film industry.


As you already know that Pascale Jackson-Cohen doesn’t like to reveal details regarding her personal life, it is not really known whether she has become a mother yet or not.

Education and profession

Like her personal life, Pascale Jackson-Cohen has also kept the details regarding her educational background completely away from the eyes of the public. However, it won’t be wrong to say that she must have received a good education in her life because today she is a jewelry designer by profession.

Reason for the popularity of Pascale Jackson-Cohen

Pascale Jackson-Cohen is a celebrity daughter as well as a celebrity sibling. Given the fact, two members of her family are the main reason for her popularity and they are her mother and her brother.

Net worth of Pascale Jackson-Cohen

Keeping the profession of Pascale Jackson-Cohen in mind, as she is a jewelry designer, we hope that she must be earning a handsome amount of money at the moment. However, this is again a mystery to the public. As for the net worth of her fashion designer mother, she is estimated to be valued at around 1 to 5 million at the moment.


Considering the family background of Pascale Jackson-Cohen and the celebrity status of her mother as well as her brother, it does not come as a surprise how Pascale Jackson-Cohen gets public attention despite maintaining a private life.

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