The Story of Jimmy Webb’s Ex-Wife: Patsy Sullivan-Webb


Patsy Sullivan-Webb is famous thanks to her ex-husband Jimmy Webb, an American singer and songwriter. Her parents were Gita Hall, a model and actress, and Barry Sullivan, an American actor. Patsy’s parents were married for just three years divorcing in 1961 when she was still young. She was her mother’s first child but the sixth for Barry Sullivan.

Personal Life

Patsy Sullivan-Webb was born in the late 1950s, but her exact date of birth is unknown. Regarding her personal life, she first met Jimmy Webb in 1969 while in a cover shoot for Teen. When they met, Patsy was 12 while Jimmy was 22; a year later, they started a romantic relationship. She had her first child when she was 16.

Patsy Sullivan-Webb married Jimmy Webb in 1974 and were together for 22 years. During their time together, they had six children: Christiaan, James, Justin, Cornelius, and Charles, and a daughter named Camila.

Three of Patsy’s sons formed a rock band called the Webb Brothers, and they work with their father sometimes. Patsy and Jimmy Webb divorced in 1996 but never mentioned the reasons for their separation; however, her husband was struggling with alcohol and drug additions, which might be why she left him.

Life After Divorce

After divorcing Patsy Sullivan-Webb kept a low profile; it is unclear if she continued with her modeling career given at the time, she was barely forty. She has not mentioned if she married anyone, but in 2017, she was mad when her ex-husband left her out of his memoir. Patsy felt like if it was the age when they started their romantic affair, that was an issue; he should have glossed over it and at least mentioned her in the memoir.


Patsy Sullivan followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a model. Patsy worked for many modeling agencies and enjoyed a lot of success. Patsy began her modeling career when she was 12, with the encouragement and support of her mother. She appeared as a cover girl for several magazines and worked in the industry for some time before retiring.

Her Ex-Husband

Patsy Sullivan’s ex-husband started his music career in 1965; his father did not support his musical ambitions, but he gave him some money to start when he realized he was serious about music. He started transcribing music in Hollywood before signing with Jobete Music under Motown Records as a songwriter.

Jimmy Webb achieved early success while working at Motown Records; he met top artists with whom he wrote and recorded songs, including Johnny Rivers. He wrote the song By the Time I Get to Phoenix, for which he was awarded in 1969’s Grammy Awards. In 1968, Patsy’s ex-husband released his first album Jim Webb Sings Jim Webb.

In the 1970s, he released more albums, including Letters, Land’s End, Angel Heart, And So: On, Land’s End, El Mirage, and, Words and Music. Over the years, Patsy’s ex-husband has been creating good music and performing in many events. He is still active in the music industry and performs his music throughout the US.

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