Robert Ridarelli , Personal Life and Net Worth


Robert Ridarelli is a celebrity sibling who is popular because of his brother Bobby Rydell, a famous American actor who died recently in 2022. Unlike his celebrity brother, Robert Ridarelli is extremely private and has hardly disclosed any details about himself. However, today we researched about him and tried to find out his personal life details.

So, if you are interested in that, read the article further and find all about early life, family, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, family, age, and all other such details.

Personal life

Finding any confirmed information on the birth details of Robert Ridarelli is not possible because he himself has not revealed any details. The only sure thing that can be said about his basic details is that he is an American and the names of his parents are Jennie Ridarelli and Adrio Ridarelli, who were of Italian descent but lived in the US.

If you talk about the personal life of Robert Ridarelli, it is also a secret matter to the public. However, we are sure that Robert Ridarelli must have a family today if he has found true love in his life. With the fact that Robert Ridarelli is the older brother of Bobby Rydell, we are not sure whether or not he is alive today.

Parents and siblings

 Robert Ridarelli is the oldest of two children of Jennie Ridarelli and Adrio Ridarelli. Other than the names, not even a single piece of information is available on the personal as well as professional life of his parents. If you talk about siblings, you already know that Robert Ridarelli has one brother and his name is Bobby Rydell, who has gained significant success in the American film industry.


With the fact that Robert Ridarelli has not revealed any information about his personal life, it is not confirmed whether or not he has any kids.

Education and profession

It’s not just the personal life details of Robert Ridarelli that are a secret to the public but he has not disclosed any information about his education as well a his profession. Considering the fact that Robert Ridarelli would be more than 80 years old today, this is sure that he is definitely done with his educational as well as professional career.

Reason for the popularity of Robert Ridarelli

Needless to mention that the only reason that makes Robert Ridarelli popular despite the fact that he maintains a private life is his brother, Bobby Rydell, who was a famous American actor.

Net worth of Robert Ridarelli

Well, let us come directly to the point and tell you that the net worth of Robert Ridarelli is not exactly known. If we talk about the net worth of the famous actor brother, Bobby Rydell, he was estimated to be valued at around 10 million when he died in 2022.


Robert Ridarelli is a celebrity brother but he maintained privacy so well. In fact, he has been living a completely private life far away from the spotlight of the media.


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