Who is Sandy Durdin? Meet Gary Dourdan’s Mother


Sandy Durdin is the mother of American actor Gary Dourdan. She was a fashion designer and teacher, but now she has retired. Sandy Durdin married Robert Durdin, a jazz musicians’ agent and entrepreneur; they had five children together, but one of their sons, Darryl Durdin, died after falling off a cliff. Sandy’s son’s death case has never been solved.

Education and Career

There are no details on which institutions Sandy Durdin attended, but she studied up to college and qualified as a teacher. She taught in schools in New Jersey. She also worked as a fashion designer and probably worked with several artists, given her husband was also in the entertainment industry.

Her Son

Sandy Durdin’s son was interested in music, martial arts, and acting growing up. He relocated to New York City, where he worked at a rehearsal studio; while working as a doorman, he met several artists and started working with bands. In the early 1990s, Sandy’s son performed with many bands and appeared at theatres where he acted.

He also appeared in music videos after involvement with music stars, including Janet Jackson’s song, Again. Gary also appeared in Move the Crowd, a song by Eric B. & Rakim. Sandy’s son made his first television appearance in 1991 in the show A Different World. On the show, he had a recurring role as Shazza Zulu and played the role until 1992.

Sandy’s son played Warrick Brown in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Gary also had a recurring role in First Wives Club. His other television roles include Mistresses, Kim Possible, Filmore, Soul Food, Cold Feet, and Sins of the City.

About Sandy’s Son’s Personal Life

Sandy’s son married Roshumba Williams, an actress, reality judge, and model, in 1992, but they divorced barely two years later. They did not have any children together and did not mention the reasons for their separation. Gary then dated Cynthia Hadden, with whom he had a son named Lyric. Sandy’s son was in a romantic relationship with Jennifer Sutton for five years, and they had a daughter, Nyla.

Gary is not married, but he has been dating Maria del Alamo. However, little is known about their love story.

Controversies Surrounding Sandy’s Son

After Gary left CSI, the public started speculating that his departure was related to drug charges against him. He was arrested in 2008 for owning ecstasy and cocaine. But he mentioned that he had already completed his contract with CSI. Sandy’s son was arrested several times for drug-related charges.

Gary was arrested in 2011 after his girlfriend had filed assault charges; he was asked to stay away from her for at least five years.

How Rich is Sandy’s Son?

Sandy’s son has amassed a lot of wealth through his acting career. However, he lost some of his money through several arrests. He even filed for bankruptcy in 2012 as he owed creditors close to 2 million dollars. As of 2023, Sandy’s son has a net worth of five hundred thousand dollars.


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