Every Detail on Sandy Troggio


Sandy Troggio was the third wife of Joe Hamilton, an American producer. However, they did not spend much time together, given Joe died five months later after their marriage. They did not have any children during the five months of marriage.

Life After the Death of Her Husband

After her husband’s death, Sandy Troggio continued living her life privately with lesser media attention. However, it is unclear if she married and got any children given at the time of the death of her husband; she was still young. It is also unclear if she focused on her career, though what she did to earn a living was unknown.

Sandy Troggio’s Husband’s Career

Sandy’s husband started his career in the entertainment industry as a singer. He joined a pop and jazz band called The Skylarks in the early 1950s. While performing with The Skylarks, Sandy’s husband appeared in several television programs and became in contact with producers. Joe soon started producing music for his music group.

In 1958, Sandy’s husband started producing The Garry Moore Show, and Carol Burnett often appeared on the variety series. It is where Joe Hamilton first met Carol, and they continued working together for a long time. While working together, they fell in love and married in 1963. Sandy’s husband also appeared in The New Phil Silvers Show.

Sandy’s husband also appeared as a bystander, making fun of Don Knotts in The Andy Griffith Show. In the mid-1960s, Sandy’s husband worked with his second wife, Carol Burnett, in the variety show The Entertainers. Joe was the executive producer of The Carol Burnett Show. He also composed the theme song of the show.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Sandy’s husband served as the producer of the Eunice TV movie and The Tim Conway Show. Joe was the mind behind the show Mama’s Family; when the saw started, he was the executive producer; however, it was canceled after 30 episodes. When they were given the go-ahead with the show, he produced 100 more episodes.

Mama’s family was the last major show that Sandy’s husband produced. Besides he also appeared in one episode of the show. Joe was still active in the entertainment industry as a producer at the time of his death.

Awards Won by Sandy Troggio’s Husband

Sandy’s husband received several accolades during his career as a singer and producer. Though he started as a singer, Joe achieved more success as a producer. In his career as a producer, Sandy’s husband won five Emmy Awards; his first Emmy resulted from his role in The Garry Moore Show, where his future wife Burnett was starring.

Her Husband’s Personal Life and Death

Joe Hamilton married thrice; he first married Gloria Hartley in 1948, and they had eight children together. They separated in 1963 after 15 years of marriage. He then married comedian Carol Burnett in 1963; they had three children, including actress Carrie Hamilton, who died due to cancer.

Sandy Troggio then met Joe Hamilton; they tied the knot in 1991, but unfortunately, he died five months later, leaving her a widow. Joe died of cancer aged 62.

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