The Life of Mary Teresa Stiles


Mary Teresa Stiles’ Early Life

Mary Teresa Stiles was born in the United States in the mid-20th century. Not much is known about her early life, as she gained notoriety later in her life due to her marriage to Grady Stiles, also known as “Lobster Boy.” Her early years were spent growing up with her family, building the foundation for her future.


Mary Teresa Stiles had stepchildren through her marriage to Grady Stiles. Grady had children from previous relationships, including Grady Stiles III, Donna Stiles, and Cathy Berry. It is unclear if Mary Teresa Stiles had any biological children of her own.

Mary Teresa Stiles’ Education and Career

There is limited information available about Mary Teresa Stiles’ education and career. Her life was predominantly overshadowed by her relationship with Grady Stiles, who was a well-known sideshow performer with ectrodactyly, a congenital condition that caused his hands and feet to resemble lobster claws.

Grady Stiles’ career as a performer began in his family’s traveling carnival show, and he later became a famous attraction in his own right. As Grady’s spouse, Mary Teresa Stiles may have been involved in the carnival business, helping to manage the logistics and support Grady’s performances. However, specific details about her role in the carnival or any other career pursuits are not widely known.

More About Mary Teresa Stiles

Mary Teresa Stiles is best known for her marriage to Grady Stiles. The couple was married from 1989 until Grady’s death in 1992. Grady’s life was filled with turmoil, including struggles with alcoholism and a history of violence. In 1992, Grady was murdered in a contract killing arranged by a fellow carnival worker, allegedly with Mary’s involvement. Mary and the hired killer were both convicted for their roles in Grady’s murder, and Mary served time in prison as a result.

Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding her life, Mary Teresa Stiles remains an enigmatic figure in the world of carnival history. Her connection to Grady Stiles ensures that she will not be forgotten, but much of her own story remains shrouded in mystery.

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