Vladimir Herjavec, Personal Life and Net Worth


Vladimir Herjavec is a celebrity father, who grabbed public attention for being the father of a Croatian-Canadian investor, businessman, and television personality. Vladimir Herjavec himself had a struggling life but his son has made him a celebrity today.

Here, let us reveal more details about Vladimir Herjavec like his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, early life, love life, children, earnings, and other such details.

Personal life

With the fact that Vladimir Herjavec himself is not a celebrity and received public recognition only because of his famous son, nothing much is available about his own early life. Be it the names of his parents or his birth year, everything is secret to the public.

The only thing we are sure of the early life of Vladimir Herjavec is that he is Croatian. Later on, he moved with his family to Canada and became a forever Croatian immigrant there.

If you talk about the married life of Vladimir Herjavec, he had a successful married life with his wife Katica Herjavec. When the couple exactly got married is not known but they are probably together even today.

Parents and siblings

As you already know that not at all any information is available on the family background of Vladimir Herjavec, you can’t find any details regarding the parents as well as siblings of Vladimir Herjavec. Not just Vladimir Herjavec but his famous son had also never bothered to talk about his grandparents.


The successful married life of Vladimir Herjavec blessed him with one child and he is no other than Robert Herjavec, who is a famous TV personality, businessman, and investor.

Education and profession

Like many other details, nothing confirmed is available on the education of Vladimir Herjavec either. However, we’re sure that Vladimir Herjavec would not be a well-educated man because he had to work as a laborer in a factory to make a living.

During his youth, his family had to face a financial crisis as well. His financial situation was so bad that when he moved to Canada, he had only a single suitcase and $20. That’s it.

Reason for the popularity of Vladimir Herjavec

Hands down, the only reason for the popularity of Vladimir Herjavec is his son, Robert Herjavec, who is a self-made star and has accomplished too much in his life. He often talks about his parents and the struggles he faced in his life. This is why Vladimir Herjavec also grabbed public attention.

Net worth of Vladimir Herjavec

As we already said, Vladimir Herjavec had financial problems in his life and he used to do low-wage jobs to survive with his family, he obviously did not have any net worth in his life.

However, today being the father of a celebrity son, he is definitely enjoying a luxurious life. As of 2023, his son, Robert Herjavec, has a jaw-dropping net worth of around 300 million.


Nothing can be more prideful for Vladimir Herjavec than seeing his son achieving such a giant success despite starting his journey from scratch. He must be proud of his son today.


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