William Douglas Sewell, Personal Life and Net Worth


William Douglas Sewell is a young celebrity child who is enjoying the popularity of his father, who is a renowned British film actor. Not only the father of William Douglas Sewell but his mother is also a famous and successful personality. If you are interested to know about his mother and more details about his life, read the article further.

Here, we are going to discuss early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details about William Douglas Sewell.

Personal life

Born on 18th March 2002 to Rufus Sewell and Amy Gardner, William Douglas Sewell is a 20-year-old celebrity child. His nationality is not confirmed but we do believe that he must be following his father in this context. Given this fact, we hope that William Douglas Sewell would be British by nationality.

If we talk about his personal life, the young boy is just 20 years old right now. Given the fact, he must be dating someone but not at all any information is available regarding that.

Parents and siblings

William Douglas Sewell is the only child of his parents, Rufus Sewell and Amy Gardner, who got married in 2004 but they could not have a happy and successful married life and ended with divorce just within 2 years in 2006. Though William Douglas Sewell does not have any siblings, he definitely has a couple of step-siblings from his father.

Speaking professions, the father of William Douglas Sewell is a renowned British actor, while his mother is a producer and script writer.


With the fact that William Douglas Sewell is only 20 years old, there is obviously no chance of her having any children right now.

Education and profession

Let us tell you clearly that no information is available on the educational background of William Douglas Sewell. Considering his age, it can be said that he would be a college-going student today. If you talk about his profession, William Douglas Sewell has not probably started his professional career yet.

Reason for the popularity of William Douglas Sewell

Needless to mention that the only reason for the popularity of William Douglas Sewell is his parents, especially his father Rufus Sewell, who is a renowned personality and is quite popular among people. Besides that, his father is also active on social media and regularly shares his adorable family pictures.

Net worth of William Douglas Sewell

Considering the fact that William Douglas Sewell is only 20 years old and does not have any profession, expecting any net worth from him would be pointless. At the moment the young boy is just enjoying huge luxury and comfort in his life because of his father, Rufus Sewell, who had an estimated net worth of around 10 million. Other than that, the mother of William Douglas Sewell has also amassed good money in her life.


William Douglas Sewell is a celebrity child and getting the attention of people is a very usual thing for him. It would be interesting to see whether or not William Douglas Sewell follows in his parents.

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