William H. Terbo, Personal Life and Net Worth


William H. Terbo left the world a few years back but is already famous today because his father, Nikola Trbojevich was a renowned personality. Even after decades of his death, the father of William H. Terbo is popular as one of the most successful American inventors and mathematicians. However, today we are not here to discuss him but about his son William H. Terbo.

So, go ahead and find out the details about the early life, family, siblings, education, profession, and other details about William H. Terbo.

Personal life

When William H. Terbo was exactly born is not known and the reason for that is he never revealed any information regarding his birth details. If we talk about the names of his parents, William H. Terbo is the darling son of American couple Nikola Trbojevich and Alice Hood.

Like the early life details of William H. Terbo, nothing is known about his personal life as well. Whom did he marry and whether or not he married in his life is not confirmed. As for the death of William H. Terbo, it’s been 5 years since William H. Terbo left the world. William H. Terbo took his last breath on 14th August 2018.

Parents and siblings

William H. Terbo was one of two children of his parents, Nikola Trbojevich and Alice Hood, whose personal life remains completely secret to the public. When they got married and whether or not they had a happy and successful married life is not known. If you talk about their professions, the father of William H. Terbo is known to be a renowned mathematician and inventor. On the other hand, his mother has preferred not to reveal any details regarding that. If we talk about his siblings, the name of his brother was John Terbo.


With the fact that it is not confirmed whether or not William H. Terbo had any love partner in his life, the information about his children is also a mystery to the public.

Education and profession

This is again something that is an absolute secret to the public.  H. Terbo never revealed any details about his education. However, we believe that he was an educated man because he belonged to a very prestigious family. As for his profession, he worked as Founding Director, Chairman of the Executive Board, and Executive Secretary of the Tesla Memorial Society.

The reason for the popularity of William H. Terbo

Needless to mention that the only reason for the popularity of William H. Terbo is the family he was born in. Other than that, he also became a famous face because of his father, Nikola Trbojevich, who was a renowned inventor and mathematician.

Net worth of William H. Terbo

Considering the profession of William H. Terbo, it can be said that he must have earned a huge amount of money in his life. However, William H. Terbo never disclosed any details regarding his earnings and net worth.


William H. Terbo was born into a very popular and prestigious family, so he was bound to get public attention and grab a place on news headlines even if he never seem interested in all that.

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